We can't wait to tell you more about the most amazing communcations platform you've ever used! Whether you are a personal user who needs a high level of security and privacy for your own reasons, a corporate user or company that wishes to ensure that it's senior management and employees in sensitive positions are able to communicate without risk of corporate espionage, or a political/government client that may have unique privacy and anonymity requirements, our platform is the answer...see why below!

Device Independent

None of your identification or conversation data is ever stored or left on your access device, so lost laptops, forgotten phones, stolen passwords and other common banes of secure communications are no problem!

Easy to Use

Our user interface is both secure and intuitive, and the average mobile device user will feel immediately at home with chatting on our product. Other than some security-specific features, the user experience is little different than using any other chat-based software so the training curve is practically non-existent!

Easy to Implement

Depending upon what type of user you are, implementation is as simple as opening up our webapp and starting to chat! The entire range of functionality is available to individual users as-is, or can be placed "behind" existing corporate or organizational websites allowing an even more seamless flow for corporate or government/organizational users already used to connecting with in-house resources via their phones/tablets/laptops or desktop computers.

No Prying Eyes

Due to the design of our incredible global network platform, data is stored in a distributed fashion, in countries known for their strong commitment to data protection, and your data not subject to some of the more invasive privacy regulation and data request policies of other countries. Further, without BOTH the sender and recipient's conversation key, the data we hold is rendered useless, unrecoverable by even us. It never exists in legible form except at either end of the chat process, and our unique UI ensures that no message is ever displayed within the scope of a chat thread or alongside ANY identifying information that could be recorded, photographed or screen-grabbed for use at some future point in time.

Not A Toy

This is a high-end, commercial/organizational grade communcations platform meant solely for use by those requiring absolute privacy and anonymity. There are NO social media aspects to our system, NO ads, NO external links or traceable elements, and the system itself will warn you of any attempt to include anythign in a message which could potentially expose a user to inadvertantly revealing any identifying information.

Customer Care

We charge a premium for the security that we provide and are available 24/7 to assist with any issues that our users may have with using or implementing their accounts on our platform. Users must understand that the very elements of our platform that protect them and their data from being stolen or revealed to ANYONE also mean that we CANNOT see data, cannot recover "burned" conversations, and cannot help our clients with forgotten passphrases, user id's or passwords. This is for YOUR protection, and ensures that NOBODY ON THE PLANET but you and your intended recipient ever are privy to the content of your chats....period!

Our Clients Say

Ok, This is serious secrecy...

Unbelievable Features

Just some of the features that make inSHADE unparalleled in the industry.

Freedom IS Affordable

Start using inSHADE NOW at a price that everyone can afford! $9.99/month payable monthly with NO CONTRACT gets you complete access to ALL features! Never worry again about having your communications or files monitored by ANYONE, or your privacy invaded if your device is lost/stolen. We know once you start using inSHADE, you will appreciate that sense of freedom that comes with knowing that what you choose to share will only ever be between you and your intended recipient.

Use your credit/debit card in complete privacy. There is NO connection between our card processor and your inSHADE account. Or pay using Bitcoin if you prefer.

inSHADE in Action

View some screenshots and click to learn more about what using inSHADE is really like.